Silicone Butt Injections Are Still Reeling Victims In

silicone injectionDespite the number of death cases directly related to illegal butt injections, there are still women out there who are falling victims to fraudulent doctors. The new cases follow the same path that the old ones had treaded: lack of caution and victims taking the easy route.

Silicone Injection Black Market

Atlanta resident Kimberly Smedley has been one of the many practitioners of illegal silicone butt-injection and has served more than ten years after being found guilty. She admitted that money was her main motivation for her involvement.

In her 2014 book, The Backside of the Story, she recounted her experience on how she went about peddling her services to uninformed women. Using word of mouth as her network, she used strippers, professional women, and even celebrities to reel in customers to undergo the life-threatening operation.

Smedley, like other illegal practitioners like her, used cotton balls and super glue to cover the injection site of the silicone to keep from leaking out.

Similar to Smeldey’s motivation for entering the trade, money is also the main reason why women willingly take risks to have a more voluptuous body. Legit augmentation procedure cost about $ 4,500 dollars excluding fees for anesthesia, operating room facilities, and other related costs.

Souphey Ouk, among the recent victims of illegal body augmentation, admitted that she wanted to undergo the procedure but didn’t have enough cash for the legitimate thing. So she opted for the cheaper one when she heard about it from a friend who had recently had work done on her for just $2,500 dollars from a Dr. David.

She reported that the whole thing was done on a three story-house. Everything seems authentic, and even noted the other women who were there for the same procedure.

That night, however, became one of the longest she had in her life. “I was so shaky, I couldn’t breathe,” said Ouk. Dr. David advised her to drinks lots of water and to not go to the hospital. Luckily she did the next morning, one of the 25 trips she made for the next year and a half.

Mentality Behind the Silicone Injection Trend

Experts link the mentality behind this body augmentation – legal or illegal – to two main factors: insecurity and the influence of celebrity lifestyle. These factors complement each other which eventually push the victim to undergo the procedure.

Constantly exposed to celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez steadily assail the already low self-esteem of the victim until finally they go out of their way to fix the problem.

But this isn’t the solution. Psychology experts suggest that overcoming your low-esteem is best achieved by accepting oneself. While there are certainly reports of women who claims they felt better after they went through the procedure, most have reported that it was only temporary and their negative opinions of themselves eventually returned.

“One day, I’ve looked in the mirror and saw a different person,” said one of the women who subjected herself to butt-injection.

It’s painful to see that these negative perspectives are being exploited by those who are looking to make a quick profit. Most believe that the consequences for these illegal operations should be more severe. And it certainly should because not only are these frauds ruining people’s lives, in worst cases they take them.

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