Silicone Engineering Overview

Silicone manufacturing is not a very old profession, in comparison to most others more traditional activities which have been practiced for centuries. As we all know, silicone is a relatively new addition to human activities, but even in such a short period – this material has achieved impressive success. Nowadays, we use silicone in almost all areas of human activity, and various manufacturing companies are active in this highly-promising market. Most of them are young and full of potential, but there are some enterprises which rely on experience and accumulate knowledge as well. One such company is Silicone Engineering, and their long-lasting tradition and expertise are recognized all over the world.

Silicone Engineering At A Glance

As one of the leaders in the business, Silicone Engineering is a corporation that knows everything there is to know about silicone and the various ways in which we can use this highly versatile material. Ever since 1959, when the enterprise began to offer its first products, Silicone Engineering was determined to provide its customers with creative and innovative solutions. Luckily for them, the world of silicone is an area full of opportunities, and people who were in charge of the company over the years have always insisted on innovation as one of the core tenets of the manifesto that Silicone Engineering is using.

In the mid 80sl, the enterprise was bought by a large corporation called “Meggitt”, and shortly after – the manufacturing process was moved to new facilitates. The new location was impressive and breathtaking, even for today’s standards, and Silicone Engineering was now stationed in Blackburn, taking nearly 55.000 square feet of space. However, in 2002, the management activated a buyout clause and Silicone Engineering was once again an independent enterprise.

The Quality And Reputation Of Their Products

Due to their constant investing in equipment and training, Silicone Engineering is able to keep up with the competition, and even stay at the leading postilion with relative ease and superiority. Of course, only hard work and dedication can keep you at the top, and that is why laboratories and the creative department at this company are busy 24/7. Silicone products that they design come in all shapes and sizes, and the most prominent products of Silicone Engineering are seals, gaskets, cables, extruded profiles, and so on. All of these items are built with high-quality material, and they comply with all standards and regulations that govern this sector.

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