The Many Places Silicone is Used

Silicone is used in many different places and is even used in places you would never think of. Today we would like to introduce you to the many places that silicone is used. There are so many different unique places that you would never believe that silicone was used.

One of the most common places where you are sure to find silicone is within the sand. Almost all of the sand around the world is made up completely of silicone. As you may know sand is a common element that is found in both bricks and concrete. This means that silicone is a part of every house that is made of bricks or concrete. These are not the only building materials that use silicon as concrete and blacktop are also made of silicone.

Silicone can also be found in electronic products as well.Silicone is one of the biggest things that makes your computer work at all. One of the most common uses of silicone when it comes to electronics is computer chips. Silicon crystals are flattened into wafers which are then placed and stamped onto the computer chip. Silicone is also used in different electronics such as televisions. Silicone has used in televisions as a part of the screen.

Another common place where you can find silicone used is within glass. All glass is made from silicone using a process created by a scientist. Scientists meltdown sand and once it has been melted remove the silicone to create glass panes and even complete windows.

As you can see, there are several different silicones is used and each way has its own uses. You should also remember that there are so many other ways in which silicone is used and these are just some of the most basic ways that you will find silicone used.

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