Companies Collaborate to Push Silicone Industry Forward

silcotech and dow corningSilcotech and Dow Corning Corp have agreed to collaborate together in an effort to further push the silicone technology forward. The two companies are among the biggest players in the silicone market and have made several contributions in the industry for years.

Two is better than one

There have been a lot of innovative breakthroughs in this market over the years. Silicone has made its way through literally hundreds – if not thousands – of materials in varying markets. Companies have been in their respective corner trying to figure out other means of integrating silicone into niches that hasn’t been reach before.

However, working separately seems to slow the progress of silicone. It’s not that these companies aren’t excellent at pushing this industry forward, it’s just standalone projects isn’t exactly one of the foundations of progress. Adding two projects created independently wouldn’t really fit together.

And that’s why Silotech and Dow Corning Corp have shook hands. By joining their efforts, Silcotech can focus on solving mechanical, tool, and system-related issues, while Dow Corning manages the chemical aspects.

The goal of this collaboration is by joining their companies’ strength it would result in faster productivity and lessen the lead time to market.

Helping each other

Silcotech has stated that by using Dow Corning’s QP1 Silicone Elastomer product family has helped developed a new multi-shot processing structure that’s efficiently form nine substrates simultaneously that exhibits a wide range of durometers, shade, and texture.

The system is able to take advantage of the QP1’s entire dimension of durometer – the several measure of a material’s durability. The QP1 has also aided Silcotech in having their technology contain processing costs through their fast-cure and smooth processing.

Varying the color, chemical attributes, and durometer of silicone will help developed products that the market still hasn’t seen.

Michael Maloney, Silcotech’s president, has said that working with Dow Corning Corp is very good fit for them. And why wouldn’t it? Dow Corning has been pioneering silicone advancement for years.

Dow Corning Corp continues to grow

Mid-march this year, Dow Corning Corp has again attended the annual Aluminum Door Window Façade Expo in China, the country’s first ever expo for the door, window, and façade industry. This is the company’s tenth year in participating in this expo.

Dow Corning Corp has been a pioneer in the silicone trade since 1964 where silicone glazing application was making a noise in the construction industry. Their latest involvement was the recently completed Shanghai Tower which stands 632 meter tall.

Through the course of its construction, the company has acted as a provider of new and high quality products, as well as a trainer with regards to product and technology. They played the role of consultant reviewing blueprints that are associated to windows and façade designs, laboratory inspectors, supervisor, and more.

It’s no surprise that Silcotech is gaining a lot of benefits by working with Dow Corning. With the two companies working together it is expected that not only would this fast-track breakthroughs of silicone, it would also yield a lot of unique products in the process.

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