This website is dedicated to all things silicone. This is one product and raw material, which has had wide use in almost all fields of human endeavors. It is used in human implants, industrial sealing, and in rubber and plastic replacements.

Among the properties of silicone which has made it very useful are its resiliency, durability, and its being hypoallergenic. It has been in use since the 1950’s and more products are being created everyday using this material. This blog aims to bring you the latest products, and related information regarding these products. This website aims to make users more aware of silicone’s uses, as well as the manufacturers who created them.

As new products are being developed, this website would be posting articles about them. These would include reviews, commentaries, and feed links from other sites. We want to educate readers about what silicone is and how it continues to change lives. Who knows, newer products can be created from the discussions that we have here on site.

What it all boils down to is that silicone is pervasive and can be found almost everywhere. The kitchen is full of silicone products from oven mitts, to oven pans, cover seals, molds and forms. Cars and planes make use of silicone in seals, windows, and in oxygen masks. The field of medicine has more than its fair share of silicone products and organ replacement parts.

This blog will bring all these and more. You have concerns? Our contact page is just one click away. We love to hear from you!